Conditions for rental of Casa Blixen


The price is € 400 pr. week (the price includes consumption of electricity, gas, water and internet). A part from the rent you will have to pay a compulsory cleaning fee of € 85.

Though – if you stay 2 weeks or more the cleaning fee is € 100. This is also the case if we give you an exception to stay more than 6 people in the house.

If you arrive at the house later than 20:00 (8:00 pm) there is an additional fee of € 30.

Pick up in Malaga airport

If you don’t rent a car we suggest you use for transfer. There

are also other options like

The prices can vary but are around € 70 for one car

How to rent the house Casa Blixen

1. Check the calendar below to see if the house is occupied ('optaget')

2. Contacts us on e-mail, cell phone: +45 24 25 61 01 or

+45 21 45 19 11.