About Competa

Beaches and golf

Torre del Mar with fine beaches is only 30 min. drive away.

At the coast you also find lots of golf courts within 30-40 minutes’ drive. We don’t play golf ourselves but have heard of Baviaera Golf www.bavieragolf.com/ and know you can find more information on www.andalucia.com/golf/anoreta/home.htm

Inhabitants of Cómpeta

Cómpata is situated 638 meters above the sea and has about 4.000 inhabitants of whom around 2500 are Spanish and the rest are foreigners who have been drawn to this unique the village over the past many years. Despite the high number of non-spanish inhabitants has the village never lost the Spanish atmosphere and distinctiveness. Cómpeta is an obvious choice for a summer residence for many people from a variety of nationalities and it is filled with life, dynamics, charm, excitement and is interesting all year round.

City life in Cómpeta

Cómpeta is a very pretty and lively small town with a wide selection of cafe’s, bars, restaurants, shops and supermarkets, and provides good shopping. Furthermore there are banks, pharmacies, internet cafe’s and a 24-hour doctor service.

Pool for a fee

If you pay a fee it is possible to use the pool at the Balcon Hotel. The price is around € 6 for an adult pr. day. The hotel is 5-10 minutes’ walk from the house.

The weather in Cómpeta

Search Google for forecast. In the summer (June – september) it is mostly summy and varm 25-40°C. It can get cold during winter, though snow is an exception and temperatures below zero is even rarer. But if you plan to go from November to march, you have to bring a warm sweater and a jacket.

Aactive holiday in Cómpeta?

If you look for inspiration or guided tours Salamandra has an office in Cómpeta:


More about Cómpeta

You can find more information about Cómpeta on:



The wines of Cómpetas

The inhabitants in Cómpeta have been farmers for centuries, growing first and foremost grapes for producing raisins and the famous Cómpeta moscatel wine. This wine have made Cómpeta the main act in the well and widely known yearly "Noche del Vino" (wine festival) which is one of the most representatives festivals in the Axarquía region. The programme is immense and you can find flamingo music, dance and lots of wine.

About Competa

Cómpeta is a town and municipality in Axarquía, the eastern Andalusia. Right next to village is the National Park by the food of the Sierra Almijara Mountains. The National Park is a lovely spot for short and long walks and hikes with a wide range of challenge. None of the routes are flat.

Cómpeta is one of the legendary white villages of Andalusia. It is a beautiful village kept in the original Moorish style with many interesting crannies. The streets of Cómpeta are all steep and narrow and everywhere you can enjoy the spectacular view over the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Only 60 km from Malaga Airport

The distance from Malaga Airport to Cómpeta is only 60 km. The city is situated east of Malaga and approximately 18 km from the coast on the mountain side. It takes about one hour to drive from the airport to Cómpeta.