Casa Blixens ten commandents

The ten commandments of Casa Blixen

We kindly ask you to comply with the ten commandments of Casa Blixen

Enjoy your selves, the village and the surrounding nature. It might seem overwhelming with all  the rules but our experience has taught us their necessity.

The house is a ‘No Smoking’ house. You’re only allowed to smoke on the terrace. Use only the provided. glass candlesticks for tealights on the roof top terrace. Any  other use of candle lights cause problems with wax on the cushions and the tiles.

Please clear away the chair cushions from the roof top terrace every night and if you leave the house because the straying cats and the risk of rain and wind.

When you leave the house after renting it put the chair cushion back in the plastic bags.

Use the aircondition wisely. We expect you to turn it off when you leave the house and close doors and windows when you turn it on.

Please don’t move any of the furniture or flower pots. If you do move stuff – then put in back before you leave the house.

Don’t leave waste or empty bottles and cans in the house. On the way to the airport you drive past the city recycling and waste deposit where you can get rid of everything. If you leave waste at the house we charge € 12 to clean it up and we expect you to put the money on the table.

Leave the house tidy meaning no dirty dishes and used towels and bedlinen placed in the bathroom.

If you have used the grill(s) or the stove oven you have to clean them yourselves

If you run out of gas and have to buy a new bottle, save the receipt and we will refund it.

All the best wishes for a wonderful holiday

Willy and Hanne.